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Effect of Magnesium Loading Dose on Insulin Resistance in Patients With Stress-Induced Hyperglycemia: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Objectives: There is currently no evidence that whether magnesium supplementation would improve stress-induced hyperglycemia (SIH) in critically ill patients. In this study, effects of magnesium loading dose on insulin resistance (IR) indices were evaluated in critically ill patients without diabetes having SIH. Methods: Seventy critically ill patients with SIH were assigned to receive a loading dose of magnesium (7.5 g of magnesium sulfate in 500 mL normal saline as intravenous infusion over an 8-hour period) or placebo. Changes in baseline of serum and intracellular magnesium and serum adiponectin (AD) levels, homeostasis model assessment of IR (HOMA-IR), and HOMA-AD ratio were assessed in this study. Results: Serum and intracellular magnesium levels increased significantly in patients in the magnesium group ( P < .001). At day 3, there were significant differences between the magnesium group and the placebo group in the mean changes from baseline in the HOMA (between-group difference: −0.11; 95% confidence interval [CI]: −0.19 to −0.01; P = .02), the AD (between-group difference: 0.94; 95% CI: 0.41-1.48; P = .04), and the HOMA-AD ratio (between-group difference: −0.03; 95% CI: −0.04 to −0.01; P < .001). Conclusion: In the present study, a single-loading dose of intravenous magnesium improved IR indices in critically ill patients with SIH.

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