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On Migration Patterns in India during the 1970s

This paper uses the results of the 5 percent sample of the 1981 Census of India to compare migration in the 1970s with that of the 1960s. Data on place of previous residence by duration of residence are used to examine intersectoral flows. Although no significant increase in overall migration in India is apparent, the impression of stability must be qualified; important and increasing forms of mobility, particularly intra-urban, are not captured by the census, and there are salient changes in the pattern of movement. For example, a stagnation in rural-to-rural movement, a swing toward rural-to-urban migration, a marked increase in female participation, and a relative decline in short-term movement are observed. The role of migration in urban growth, the reasons for migration, and linkages between migration and economic change since the 1960s are examined.

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