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Interfacial polymerization encapsulation of a viscous pigment mix: emulsification conditions and particle size distribution

A viscous organic phase, containing up to 65 per cent solid pigment, was dispersed into water with an emulsifier by a rotor-stator homogenizer and the droplets formed were encapsulated by interfacial polymerization. Microcapsules with volume median diameters d50 ranging from 10 to 25 μm and geometric standard deviation (GSD), from 1.25 to 1.65, were obtained depending on emulsification conditions. Larger impellers gave smaller d50 and slightly narrowed GSD; d50 decreased and GSD increased as volume fraction of dispersed phase is decreased. Higher homogenizer speed and emulsifier concentration decreased d50 but slightly increased GSD. Increasing pigment content in dispersed phase decreased d50 but had little effect on GSD. These effects were assessed quantitatively by fitting an empirical model to the data.

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