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Cutting Force, Temperature and Wear Behavior in Dry Machining of Nodular Cast Iron with Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub>/TiC Micro-Nano-Composite Ceramic Tool

In this paper, a type of Si3N4/TiC micro-nanocomposite ceramic tool materials were fabricated via hot pressing technique by adding Si3N4 and TiC nanoparticles. Cutting forces, temperature and wear behavior in dry machining of nodular cast iron with Si3N4/TiC micro-nanocomposite ceramic tool were investigated, in comparison with a commercial Sialon ceramic tool. Turning experiments were carried out at three different cutting speeds, which were 110, 175, and 220 m/min. Feed rate ( f ) and depth of cut (ap) were kept fixed at 0.1 mm/rev and 0.5 mm. The results show that the radial thrust force (Fy) become the largest among the three cutting force components (Fx , Fy and Fz), and Fy is the most sensitive to the changes of feed rate and depth of cut. In dry cutting of nodular cast iron, the cutting tool temperature rise rapidly with increase in cutting speed. The cutting temperature reach nearly 1000°C at the cutting speed of 220 m/min. The two types of ceramic tools have similar cutting performance, while the Si3N4/TiC micro-nanocomposite tool exhibits a better cutting performance than that of the Sialon tool. The wear rate of Si3N4/TiC micro-nanocomposite ceramic cutting tool is mainly dominated by the abrasion, while the wear rate of Sialon ceramic cutting tool is dominated by the abrasive action, and pullout of grains.

نیروی برش، دما و رفتار فرسایش در ماشین کاری خشک آهن ریخته‌گری Nodular Cast با زیر مجموعه سیلیکون: ۳ بازده / زیر بازده: N بازده: ۴ بازده / زیر بازده: TiC میکرو - نانو - کامپوزیت ابزار سرامیک

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