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The Influence of Hotel Website Factors on E-Loyalty in a B2C Context

The Internet allows firms to serve customers more effectively than ever before. In a B2C (business-to-consumer) context, the authors examine the interrelationships among hotel website factors, e-satisfaction, e-trust, e-loyalty and switching costs. They extend prior research by incorporating these constructs into a more comprehensive conceptual framework. This study answers three research questions. First, will the three components of website factors (communication, transaction and customization) have a significant effect on e-loyalty through e-satisfaction and e-trust? Second, do e-satisfaction and e-trust mediate e-loyalty? Third, do switching costs have a moderating effect between e-satisfaction, e-trust and e-loyalty? The authors examine data compiled from customers who have booked hotel accommodation online. The results support their hypotheses and confirm both the mediation role of e-satisfaction and e-trust and the moderation role of switching costs. Conceptually, this study provides an empirical validation of website factors, e-satisfaction, e-trust and loyalty linkage. At the managerial level, the research provides insights into the critical drivers of loyalty in the emerging online marketplace.

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