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Untangling the Complexity of HRM & Employment Relations in the Gig Economy

The growing gig economy has emerged as a significant theme of discussion in the world of work. Involving dynamic multi-party working arrangements between workers, digital platform organizations and requesters (i.e. customers), the gig economy is reshaping our understanding of the working relationship. Competing narratives around gig work explore the supposed autonomy afforded to workers, the disruptive role of the algorithmic management function, and the challenges created by various legal ambiguities. This symposium aims to advance our understanding of this relatively novel phenomenon by examining key issues that exist in gig work and the most critical implications for HRM and employment relations scholarship. In addition to these perspectives, we explore several other contexts by sharing novel insights on the ramifications of gig working for information systems, conflict management, and legal debates. For organizations, our symposium examines the concept of algorithmic management in gig work, its role in implementing HRM activities, and its impact in shaping worker autonomy. For workers, we provide insights on how individuals may enact the autonomy provided to them by platforms, how workers may respond if expectations of flexibility are unmet, and the legal complexities arising from the fragmented nature of gig work. For requesters, we explore the novel role that customers hold in implementing HRM activities in gig work via rating mechanisms, and the subsequent implications for workers. Finally, our discussant will integrate the studies, draw theoretical and practical conclusions, and offer suggestions for advancing the topic.Illusionary Autonomy: Algorithmic Control and Worker Autonomy in App-Based Gig WorkPresenter: James Duggan; Cork U. Business SchoolPresenter: Ultan Sherman; Cork U. Business SchoolPresenter: Ronan Carbery; Cork U. Business SchoolPresenter: Anthony McDonnell; U. College CorkThe Effect of Customer Ratings on Gig Workers’ Job Satisfaction, Work Engagement and CommitmentPresenter: Anna B. Holm; Aarhus BSS, Aarhus U.Presenter: Ana Alina Tudoran; Aarhus U.Distinguishing between Autonomy Opportunities and Actual Autonomy Enactment by Gig WorkersPresenter: Mark Boons; Vrije U. AmsterdamPresenter: Jeroen Meijerink; U. of TwenteInternet Platform Employment in China: Legal Challenges and Implications for Gig WorkersPresenter: Tianyu Wang; Monash U., AustraliaPresenter: Fang Lee Cooke; Monash U., Australia

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