Frequently asked questions

How often does Freepaper find full text?
Overall, Freepaper users find fulltext for 95% of articles. You may get different results, depending on the age and topic of the articles you're reading.
How do you find all these fulltext articles?
We harvest content from various research communities and publishers website.
Is Freepaper legal?
Yes! We harvest content from research communities and not violating copyright has been declared by the users. If you ever encounter content is posted in violation of copyright, let us know and we'll remove it immediately. Besides, We do not offer our services to US, UK and Canada due to advices received from our lawyers.
How can I make sure content from my open repository appears in Freepaper?
Since we index over 50,000 sources of OA content, there's a pretty good chance your repository is already in our database. You can make sure by searching our sources list.
What's your privacy policy?
The extension doesn't track your browsing history, and it doesn't send any content from any page you visit to our servers, with one exception: when a page has a DOI (a short identifier used by scholarly articles), we send that DOI to our server (using an encrypted HTTPS connection) to find any free versions available. We will log requests to our servers (which include the DOI and the IP address the request came from) in order to monitor and improve service. We also use Google Analytics in order to track active installations.
I found a bug
Sorry about that! Drop us an email and we'll get it fixed for you.
I this unpaywall?
Kinda. We got the source and changed it to meet our needs. It got better. Try it out ;)

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